Traveller Eviction from County Show Car Park


Event Organisers Beware

Ruthless trespassers are setting up camps on land where a big event has been scheduled to extort money to leave.

Traveller Eviction from County Show Car Park

In our last article we told you about an eviction in Yorkshire. We talked about an emerging trend of trespassers that set up unauthorised encampments on land that is about to be developed, causing numerous issues for the landowner and developers.

This week we are going to talk about another increasingly common concern for landowners and event organisers.

Ruthless trespassers are setting up camps on land where a big event has been scheduled. The trespassers then demand payment from the landowner or event organiser (the land owner and event organiser is not always the same person and the trespassers will ask for money from the person they see as in charge) to vacate the land in time for preparations for the event to begin.

Derbyshire Annual County Show

Traveller Eviction from County Show Car Park

In Derbyshire an Annual County Show was set to be held on the usual field in Bakewell.

Sometime overnight on Thursday into Friday twelve caravans and other vehicles with their horses descended upon the car park for the scheduled event.

The landowner asked the trespassers to leave. They refused to leave point blank.

They made an offer to the landowner. They stated that a payment of £500 for each trespasser would make it possible for them to leave quickly.

The event organisers were unwilling to pay this extortion. They called Quality Bailiffs.

The office took the call at 9.00am on Friday morning. The call was just 24 hours before the show was due to start.

Due to the time pressures and the threatening behaviour of the trespassers in this case, we decided to request the support of Derbyshire police. The police sent officers to the eviction.

The trespassers were directed to leave and then evicted. The trespassers, their horses and their vehicles had all left the site by 3pm that afternoon.

Extortion on the Rise

The tactic to turn up at shows in the preceding days to a large event in the hope of extorting money out of desperate event organisers who need the site clear for an event seems to be on the increase.

If you find an unauthorised encampment on your land before the big day, call Quality Bailiffs and we can regain possession of your land quickly and before too much damage is done to the land.

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