Traveller Brothel Eviction from Ilford, Essex


Through our years of experience as enforcement bailiffs we have found that trespassers don’t only set up unauthorised encampments on fields and development sites. The encampments are also not always as benign as they look on first sight.

Brothel in a trailer removed from Ilford, Essex

The start

A new client rang our office one morning with what he thought was an unusual problem. (However, we had seen it all before.)

He had a group of people parking large trailers on his car park at his retail park in Ilford, Essex. The trailers all had foreign number plates. The trespassers were not just living in these trailers. It transpired that the trailers were being used by prostitutes to ply their trade.

The problem

They would pick up HGV drivers and take them back to these trailers.

This was a retail environment and as such was open during the evening. Families with children came to use the shops and restaurants on the retail park.

Clearly this type of indiscretion was not good for his business.

The client had tried several solutions:

  • He had his security team to talk to them and ask them not to return. The trespassers just got aggressive and refused. This ended up causing scenes on the retail park in front of customers so the client felt his security team had to back down.
  • He contacted the police but they were not much help.┬áThe police did get them to move but they would come back again after a few days.
  • He had the trailers towed to the public highway after serving the appropriate notices. The trespassers just moved them back again.
  • He tried employing a specialist car park management company to give the trespassers tickets. However it turned out the trailers were registered abroad so they could not enforce the tickets.

Time to call Quality Bailiffs

The team from Quality Bailiffs knew that the best way to get rid of the unwanted trespassers would be to serve a torts notice.

Our team of enforcement bailiffs then removed the trailers to storage, as allowed under the law.

Our service did not end there. Trailers are expensive pieces of kit so of course the owners came forward to claim them.

The benefit if this to us and therefore the client was that we got proof of ownership, the names and addresses of the nuisance trespassers, before we released the trailers back to them.

Our enforcement bailiffs often carry out surveillance. They used these skills to then gather evidence of the trespassers antisocial behaviour over a couple of evenings.

The client used our evidence in support of their court case. The client was successful and gained an injunction banning them from coming back. The injunction appeared to do the trick, and they have not returned to the retail park in Ilford, Essex.

Call the professionals

It is worth remembering that sometimes it is best to contact Quality Bailiffs as soon as you become aware of trespassers because it can save you weeks of stress and reduce any negative impact on your business and property.

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