Tented Squatters


Another day, same story

Whilst every day is different in the life of an enforcement bailiff there are still reoccurring themes. This week we look at yet another case of troublesome young adults.

Traveller Eviction from County Show Car Park

The client advised us they thought the squatters were around age 20, and that they believed the squatters were drug addicts and the ones who were causing a nuisance at the client’s retail park.

Dealing with Squatters

At Quality Bailiffs we do understand that the situation the squatters find themselves in is not good and they are often already feeling hard done to. They often feel like they have nowhere else to go.

This being the case, we try to deal with the squatters as sympathetically as possible. We must however, also bear in mind the negative impact that squatters living on privately owned land can have on the environment and business of the landowners.

In this case the owner was worried that the retail park would get a bad reputation. He was worried that this would mean that the businesses renting from the retail park owner would lose custom. The knock effect from that is that the businesses would either close down and jobs would be lost, or the businesses would move premises and the retail park owner would lose money.

Our client was also concerned that the squatters seemed young and would have nowhere else to go. The bottom line is though, he couldn’t afford to lose business and he reluctantly had to come to the decision that he had to carry out an eviction. He called our Traveller Eviction Service.

Our Quality Bailiff was requested to attend the retail park. He saw that the squatters had set up a tent in a grassy area right next to the retail park. They were leaving their drug paraphernalia and general litter all over the retail park. They were also begging and stealing from the shops and the customers, and making rather a general nuisance of themselves.

On the first contact our enforcement bailiff had with the squatters he asked them politely to move on. They refused.

Our enforcement bailiff served the squatters a notice to quit and explained that they had to pack up and leave the retail park. The squatters did not leave as requested by the notice to quit.

The next day our enforcement team turned up with the environmental team in tow. Using our in depth knowledge of how to carry out a common law eviction, the enforcement agent had to remove the squatters using reasonable force only. The environmental team also bore witness to the eviction. As there were witnesses to the eviction the squatters could not say that unreasonable force had been used. The environmental team then started the clean-up of the rubbish (including the tent) and drug paraphernalia including dirty needles that had been left behind by the squatters.

This was a difficult and emotional eviction for all involved. However now that the retail park is free of the squatters, business is booming and Quality Bailiffs have another satisfied client.

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