Squatters removed from north London pub


30 squatters successfully removed

The background

An increasing problem for developers is squatters in vacant building. This happened to a recent client.

The client had recently bought a former public house in north London at auction to redevelop into flats. Shortly after the sale before work could begin the property had been occupied by squatters.

Squatters north london pub

Squatters north london pub

Our client gained a possession order and required it to be enforced. The client called Quality Bailiffs.

The solution

We discussed the task with the client and then arranged the transfer up of the possession order to the High Court for enforcement. A High Court Writ was obtained. The High Court writ gives greater powers to remove the squatters.

As part of our preparations we sent a bailiff out to the north London property to conduct some observations on the site. This was to determine numbers, the makeup and resolve of the occupants. This is done in order to gather the required information to produce a Risk Assessment Method Statement RAMS as required under the Health and Safety Regulations.

We then arranged for a team of Certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) and specialist Security Officers to attend along with a specialist locksmith.

The squatters had barricaded the doors to make it difficult for the bailiffs to enter. However the observation team had noted the way the squatters were entering the property, and so the same route was used by the team to quickly and quietly gain entry, overwhelming the squatters with numbers. This prevented them from locking themselves to pipes or roof top protests.

The squatters, 30 in number, were then moved out within 39 mins. We then allowed small numbers back in to remove their belongings.

Our boarding up contractor moved in and secured the building, leaving a security team in place to ensure there was no attempt by the squatters at re-entering the building.

With careful preparation and planning, and a swift entry of trained bailiffs in sufficient numbers, another successful eviction in London by Quality Bailiffs.

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