Protesters removed from halal abattoir


20 protesters successfully removed Birmingham

The background

Evicting activists, eco warriors and protesters is becoming a regular activity these days.

Protesters Birmingham abattoir

Protesters Birmingham abattoir

We were recently called in to evict some determined protesters from outside a Halal abattoir in Birmingham.

The client had not done anything wrong. Indeed recent inspection reports complimented their processes and procedures. Here was an abattoir simply going about its lawful business.

However the protesters saw this differently. And were intent on stopping the company from being able to operate by protesting at the abattoir.

The solution

We attended the site with a large team of specialist bailiffs under a writ of possession. The team followed a pre-agreed Risk Assessment Method Statement RAMS.

We cleared most of the 20 protesters within a couple of hours. There were three more that locked themselves onto sleeping dragons.

A tactic used increasingly by protesters is the use of devices colloquially known as sleeping dragons. These devices give protesters an advantage by allowing them to use fewer people to effectively block access to a targeted site.

Sleeping dragons come in many forms. The most basic is a 4 to 6 inch diameter PVC pipe into which a protester inserts their arm. Inside the pipe is a bolt that the protester uses to attach themselves using a carabiner locked to their wrist with a chain or rope. Once attached to the bolt, the protester is effectively locked into the tube. By using multiple devices, a human chain can be created to cover a larger area, such as a road, gate or other entrance way.

Our specialist team then commenced cutting the last three protesters out of the sleeping dragons, which was a long and difficult task, as we had to ensure the safety of the protesters. This was achieved, and the three were arrested for obstruction and aggravated trespassing.

It was not a straightforward eviction. However with careful planning and the use of our specialist team the Birmingham site was cleared.

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