Repossession of site in Bristol


Squatters removed from petrol station

The Background

A client had a large strip of land in Bristol with a derelict petrol station on it. Squatters had occupied the building and then rented the car park out to legitimate businesses. There was a car wash, a cash for clothes container and a car dealer.

The client had obtained an order for possession which had been transferred up to the High Court and now had a writ of possession. They needed a Bristol bailiff company to enforce the writ.

The Solution

They instructed Quality Bailiffs to enforce the writ. Quality Bailiffs have considerable experience and expertise in dealing with squatters, and a Specialist Enforcement Response Team for this type of requirement.

We visited the site to undertake a risk assessment and develop a plan of action. This was a more complex repossession as it involved third party businesses that were not aware that they were on the site illegally. The plan was discussed with the client and agreed.

To minimise the risk the bailiff team undertaking the removal attended early morning at the site. This was to minimise the amount of people that would be on site at the time of the repossession.

Possession was gained by our specialist team and the site was temporarily secured to prevent any further trespassing. The squatters were then removed from the site.

The team supervised the squatters and the businesses on the car park removing their belongings. Contractors were allowed to remove the cash for clothes container.

A security team was then put in place to secure the site for the client.

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