London Squat Cleared


Commercial Property Recovery


Our client owned a large former public house site in London which they were going to demolish and redevelop. Unfortunately, as happens increasingly often, a number of squatters moved in and took up residence.

Squatting in non-residential properties is not usually a crime. The police can take action if squatters commit other crimes when entering or staying in a property, but are unable to remove the squatters for squatting.

Evicting the squatters

To remove the squatters the client had obtained an order for possession through the court, and now needed a High Court Enforcement Officer to enforce a Writ of Possession.

Quality Bailiffs conducted discreet observations at the property to identify entry points, geography, number of squatters and their demeanour. They also conducted a risk assessment so we could draw up an action plan. This was costed and passed to the client who agreed to go ahead.

Enforcement Response Vehicle

Our Specialist Enforcement Response Team (SERT) arrived at the property to remove the squatters and then secure the building.

Despite significant resistance, and traps set for the team by the squatters, the Specialist Enforcement Response Team from Quality Bailiffs successfully gained vacant possession of the empty pub building. The attending locksmith changed the locks, and the property was handed over to the claimant.

Our Security Guard team then occupied the property to guard against any further attempts by the squatters to re-gain entry.

Specialist Enforcement Response Team

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