A very random day


One day is never the same as another in the Enforcement Bailiff industry

A very strange day happened just a few months ago.

Forfeiture of Lease

We were asked to do a forfeiture of lease by peaceable possession. Nothing too strange about that, however the location was a football ground.

This was really a paperwork exercise. The club was dissolving one Ltd holding company and replacing the lease with another. Obviously this had to be done legally. As we had to take possession anyway, they took the opportunity of ending the lease of a non-paying tenant at the same time.

Our bailiff arrived early in the morning at 5am and met with security staff. He gained peaceable entry. Once inside, he posted the required notices and completed the rest of the paperwork. This included a forfeiture of the lease. This was over by 7am.

Removal of Horses

As an enforcement bailiffs work is never done, he drove off into the countryside to meet an equine removal team and supervise the removal of 8 horses that had been abandoned near a development project. The proximity of these horses to the ongoing development and a main railway line had caused work to stop.

Horses removed

This was costing the developer money and the risk of the horses going on to the train line was very dangerous. This meant that the developer was desperate to have an equine removal team attend the site.

It was a large site and the horses were not very tame. It was a difficult operation that took several hours to complete. We eventually got all the horses rounded up. They were all checked over by the attending vet. The vet chipped them and we organised passports for the horses.

They were then sent on their way to nearby stables, awaiting the journey to their new home.

Locate a Beneficiary

Still the Quality Bailiffs day is not over. At 2pm our bailiff drove to his final job of the day.

This started a few years before with the sad death of a man who had left his home to his daughter, who lived over 100 miles away. For a few different reasons, the daughter did not want the home. She refused to acknowledge or engage with it and so it stood empty.

The council tax on this home was never paid, despite all attempts from the local authority to collect it. The property unfortunately fell into a state of disrepair. Eventually the local authority requested our help. Our client went through the courts and gained a compulsory purchase order. The property was sold and money used to pay off all debts and costs. However there was a large amount of money left over.

Back to the present day. This large surplus was over £100K. There was also some family photos and other personal items. No matter what the local authority seemed to do to try and engage the lady in collecting her money and personal items, she kept avoiding them.

We were again asked to assist the local authority. This time our job was to track her down from one of four addresses given to us. We were to speak to her and hand deliver the cheque. This was not as easy as it sounds because she was not at the first 4 addresses.

Undeterred our enforcement bailiff ended up finding another 2 further addresses to try. After visiting 6 different addresses all together by 6pm our bailiff had tracked her down and got her to accept the cheque and the photos.

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