Large herd of fly grazing horses removed and rehomed


In previous articles we have mentioned the nuisance that is fly grazing of horses. This week saw us complete our largest scale horse removal so far this year.

Large herd of fly grazing horses removed

A client had regained possession of his farmland because his tenant had become delinquent in their rent. The client had already been through the court process to secure the eviction. Although the tenants had left the farmland, (we had been reliably informed that they had gone abroad) they didn’t take their herd of 25 horses with them.

The case started with a risk assessment and quotation. When our enforcement agent arrived on the site he found that the 25 horses were roaming about the 50 acre (mostly) unfenced site. This had an impact on the time it took our team to complete the risk assessment due to size of the property and the number of notices that we had to leave under the Control of Horses Act.

Once this was completed, a full range of options and costings were given to the client. This included the disposal of such a large herd of horses. The horses were surprisingly in good condition and the client required them all rehoming.

This was a huge task in itself because most of the sanctuaries we had contacted were already full. It took our team of enforcement agents three days of not just ringing around, but also vetting the new homes for the horses. We are proud to say that we found each and every horse a quality new home.

Large herd of fly grazing horses rehomed

The job was not yet complete though. The next part of this operation was to organise the actual removal of the horses. We needed numerous horse transport vehicles and put together the large team of qualified equine handlers to work with our equine bailiffs.

Once the team was assembled we attended early one morning to start the round up and removal as there were so many. As they were quite feral we had also arranged a vet to accompany us.

After the horses were taken to their new homes we removed the fence and cleaned up the rest of the mess left by the delinquent tenants.

This operation took longer than most of our equine removal jobs. It took over 7 hours to complete. Although it took a while, we completed the job to the highest standard, the goal was achieved, the site was cleared and the horses were all safely moved to new homes.

The end result was a satisfied client and another case closed for the Enforcement Bailiff Ltd Equine Removal team.

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