Fly grazing horse removal in Sheffield

Fly grazing horse removal in Sheffield

The Problem

A recent case we dealt with started with a call from a large managing agent who was having problems with a horse that was fly grazing on patches of grass around a vacant property, an old pub, they were looking after near Sheffield.

The managing agent said that it was mostly tethered but recently it had got loose and had nearly caused an accident on the roads around the estate.

The agent had served their own notice twice. The first time the horse was moved. Then the second time it had just been ignored.

The managing agent thought it belonged to some people from the Travelling community who had a camp about a mile away just outside Sheffield. Even after making enquires on the camp no one would admit ownership, so the agent still had the problem.

The managing agent had spoken to the police who could not help them, and then the local council and RSPCA who also could not assist.

The Solution

Finally, a colleague recommend to her Quality Bailiffs who have a local office in Sheffield and suggested they could help.

They contacted us at Quality Bailiffs. As well as being High Court Enforcement Officers we are also Horse bailiffs.

Our expert Horse Bailiff team gave them advice on their situation once they had explained all the facts.

When someone abandons horses on your land or fly grazes them without your permission the situation is the same as when someone leaves goods on your land, you become what is known as an involuntary bailee and you become responsible for those animals until they are either reunited with their owner or the responsibility is passed to someone else.

On the British Horse Society web site, they explain YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.


We explained that as he had already served a notice it will not be necessary to serve again, though this will do no harm to do again.

What is essential is a risk assessment visit carried out by a Horse Bailiff, and if the horses are being moved a welfare check by a suitably experienced person or our vet team.

We recommend that to lessen the liability they are moved ASAP. However we can serve a notice first and wait to see if the horse is moved by its owners.

If it is not moved or not claimed after being moved, then after 96 hours (not including Saturdays and Sundays) the ownership of the horse reverts to the landowner. We can then provide a disposal service.


Fly grazing horse removed Sheffield

Our Horse Bailiff team attend the Sheffield property, an old pub, later that day and conducted both a risk assessment and a horse welfare check and as requested a full health check report on the horse.

A cost was agreed for removing and storing the horse, and if not claimed the rehoming was to be arranged by us too. 24 hours later our Sheffield based Horse Bailiff team attended and removed the horse.

The owners did try and claim the horse back, but they were not willing to pay the stabling fee or provide evidence of ownership of the horse, so he was re rehomed on the client’s instruction.

Call the professionals

When horses are dumped on your land it is essential to get proper legal advice from a qualified solicitor, and advice on removing them from professional Horse Bailiffs such as Quality Bailiffs.

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