Horse Removal London College


Horse Removal London College

In our news this week we have a story from our Horse Bailiffs, the Equine Removal Team.

The team were required to attend the playing fields of a well-known London college. When they arrived they found three horses had been left grazing on the rugby pitch.

A fast response was important.

  • Minimise the damage to the rugby pitch from manure and hooves.
  • The team was loosing valuable training time.
  • It had been reported that children were riding the horses on the college’s property. This raises health and safety implications for the college.

The people that had left the horses were unknown.

The Control of Horses Act 2015

This Act of Parliament guides the landowner and our Equine Removal Team on how they should legally and fairly deal with horses that are seemingly abandoned on their property.

The Act states that the owner of the land should detain the horse for 96 hours from when notice is served to either the police or the person who owns the horse.

Once the horse is detained the person detaining the horse becomes responsible for its wellbeing during the detention period. If the animal is not claimed during this time then ownership passes to the person detaining the horse.

The new owner can sell, destroy or just give the horse away.

What the Team did

As mentioned earlier time is of the essence because of the continuing damage being caused to the pitch by the horses. With this in mind our horse bailiffs attended the site the same day that we received the instruction from the college. We served the required notice and began the 96 hours of detaining the horse.

96 hours later we returned and the horses were still there and there had been no response from the owners of the horses.

Ownership passed to our client and at their request, we removed the horses from the rugby pitch. We managed to re-home all of the horses.

When hiring the Equine Removal Team with Quality Bailiffs UK you can be sure that we always act within the law and keep the welfare of the horses and the interests of our clients at the forefront of all of our work.

We can help

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