Fly grazing horse removal in Leicester

Fly grazing horse removal in Leicester

The Problem

Horses fly grazing in Leicester and Leicestershire in general is a big problem. Leicestershire council spend thousands of pounds each year dealing with the problem.

A landowner ends up with the responsibility of dealing with these horses despite it not being their fault, and can even be fined for neglect in some severe cases if they ignore it.

The British Horse Society provide guidance on this subject if you want to remove these horses yourself; however it can become very complicated. If you go down this route you will need to:

  • Put the appropriate risk assessments in place in writing
  • Arrange for suitable horse transport
  • Arrange for the liability insurance
  • Arrange for a vet report
  • Arrange for people to round the horses up
  • Arrange a Horse Passport and microchip them
  • Find a place to rehome the horses

Alternatively you can use a professional equine bailiff company who will manage the whole process for you legally, already have suitable rehoming arrangements in place, and who have experience in dealing with these matters.

On the British Horse Society web site, they explain YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

“ You are responsible for any injury caused to the horse(s) whilst it is on your land. You are also responsible for providing adequate and appropriate food and water, shelter, and veterinary care under sections 4 and 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. However, you cannot be held liable for any injury or neglect caused to the horse(s) before it came to be on your land. It is advisable to call a vet when the horse first appears on your land so that the condition of the horse may be checked and recorded. ”

What is essential however either way is a risk assessment visit carried out by a Horse Bailiff, and if the horses are being moved a welfare check by a suitably experienced person.

A building development in Leicestershire had found 2 horses dumped on their land. The council could not help them, or the RSPCA, so they were referred by their land agent to Quality Bailiffs Horse Bailiffs Division.

The Bailiff Solution

Once instructed Quality Bailiffs Leicester Horse Bailiffs attend and conducted both a horse welfare check and a risk assessment.

As one of the horses was in a bad way the team arranged for an immediate removal and they were moved to safe livery within 2 hours of their visit.

The RSPCA were informed due the cruelty issue. No one came forward to claim the horses, so once they were fit enough they were rehomed.

Call the professionals

Once horses are dumped or simply fly grazed on your land you become responsible so act fast and call the Quality Bailiffs for help.

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