Remove Horses Brighton

Case Study Brighton

Grazing horses are a problem for land-owners. You visit your field only to find someone unknown has tethered a horse to graze. What can you do about this?

We recently got a call from a small holder who had a few fields on the outskirts of Brighton. That morning when visiting his fields there was an unknown horse tethered grazing. He asked if we could remove the horse. Yes we can.

We despatched bailiffs to serve notice that same day. This is the correct legal process. You have to serve notice to remove.

The notice to remove expired and the horse was still in the field. Now the horse can be removed by our bailiffs.

Our bailiffs then attended the field in Brighton early in the morning and arranged for the horse to be removed and stored before disposal.

The same day the owner of the horse came forward to collect his horse.

He was obliged to pay for the costs of removal in order to get his horse back.

A successful conclusion for the land-owner in Brighton. The horse had gone, and its owner had paid the cost of the removal.

Remove Horses in Brighton

If you need to remove horses from your land in Brighton then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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