Horse bailiffs round up strays


Over the bank holiday our emergency call out team has been busy for an Essex based landowner dealing with fly grazing horses.

Horse bailiffs round up strays

The Problem

The landowner, who owned a large retail / industrial estate, had been plagued with fly grazers leaving horses tethered around his estate for some time. There had been a few complaints and the landlord had previously put up notices that horse grazing was not permitted. This worked for a while but then slowly the horses come back.

On the bank holiday many horses had been tethered to graze. Someone was not happy about this and had cut the tethers on seven of the horses. The horses had run wild along the estate roadways and car parks.

This had not only disrupted the businesses and shoppers visiting the estate but had caused a road traffic accident. Three of the horses had been injured. The Police, RSPCA and vets had been called to deal with that incident and the three injured horses had been removed.

The estate security people, with help from some tenants, had managed to herd the remaining horses into a small field next to the estate, but it was waste ground and not secure. The horses had escaped twice and had to be recaptured.

The Solution

As a regular client the landlord had our emergency call out number and spoke with our duty manager to inform us of their situation. They required urgent action to prevent another accident and to stop this continued disruption.

Even though it was a bank holiday as the client needed our urgent help we arranged to get two bailiffs and horse transport over to the estate. Within 2 hours we attended to execute our instruction under the Control of Horses Act. Under the Act the detention of horses can be made immediately and they can be detained off site.

When our bailiffs arrived the horses had got out for a third time and were running around the retail car park. The team managed to coral the horses into a gated area and then load them on to the horse transport. We immediately moved the horses to a safe location, and served the required notices under the Control of Horses Act at the estate.

We can help

Quality Bailiffs has over twenty five years of experience in removing fly grazing horses.

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