Fly Grazing Horses in London


Our equine bailiffs had a difficult task in the greater London area. The job was to move and detain off site around 8 horses.

Fly Grazing Horses in London

They had been fly grazing in a field and in a local nature reserve. They kept escaping and causing problems in the community with traffic.

The Problem

The landowner had previously tried to deal with the problem themselves when there was only three horses.

Whilst it is perfectly legal to do a DIY job, things can be missed or go wrong if you are not experienced in dealing horse evictions.

The landowner had put up their own notices using a template downloaded from the internet. These notices were torn down and ignored.

The landowner managed to find a sanctuary that would take the horses and they were moved there.

The owner of the horses reported the loss of the horses to the Police. The Police visited and spoke with the landowner.

It was discovered that the landowner had missed a couple of points in the process. This did not totally invalidate the process but muddied the waters.

The horse owner was causing a lot of trouble and managed to find out where the horses had been moved to. This resulted in the horse owner making threats to the sanctuary and they were forced under threat of violence to give back the horses.

The horse owner then not only put them back in the field he brought more. There were now eight horses fly-grazing. And a bigger problem.

The Solution

To use the saying “horses for courses” the landowner decided to instruct Quality Bailiffs to evict the horses.

Our sister company, The Horse Bailiffs, specialise in this field, and are used to dealing with these situations daily. Working in partnership with Quality Bailiffs they dealt with the eviction.

Fly Grazing Horses in London

We were instructed and attended early one morning to serve the notices and detain the horses off site.

The horses were moved to a safe location some distance from the site.

The owner telephoned us and was very abusive and threatening. We deal with the situations on a daily basis so managed the conflict. We agreed to let him have the horses back subject to standard conditions allowed by law.

  1. he firstly paid the cost of removal, storage and return
  2. he provided his full details
  3. he provided written proof or a sworn affidavit to the effect he owned the horses
  4. he provided a safe address location where the horses could be handed over

Whilst the horses were out of the field the landowner arranged for the field to be ploughed to prevent them being brought back.

The horse owner wanted to meet us and pay cash at the handover. A request we refused for safety issues.

The horse owner eventually paid the full costs of the operation, including the cost of delivering them back to a neutral location, directly into our bank account. He provided proof of ownership and gave his details.

We arranged for the horses to be delivered back to an agreed neutral location in the presence of the Police.

We can help

Quality Bailiffs has over twenty five years of experience in removing fly grazing horses.

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