High Court Writ collection in Surrey

One of our Enforcement Agents recently attended a commercial premises in Surrey to enforce a High Court Writ. The company, a kitchen manufacturer, owed a debt of £10,000.

Upon arriving at the building our agent was blocked by a staff member from entering the premises. However, once they were informed of the implications involved with obstructing an Enforcement Agent they let him through the door.

The director of the company then approached the agent in an aggressive manner, immediately claiming that he was not able to make any payment towards the debt and that the agent “wasn’t allowed to take anything!”.

The director provided proof that all of the machinery / factory equipment was on finance and consequently could not be taken.

Taking a further look around the premises the agent identified that the office equipment was outdated and would not come close to covering the debt amount.

The agent made a HPI check on the director’s car, and as that was also on finance that couldn’t be used as leverage either.

However, the agent rang the office to discuss the possibility of taking the marble and granite worktops that were on the premises, as there were hundreds of them, all varying in size. Once the debtor saw what the agent was planning, he then offered to pay the full amount!

A successful outcome for our client as Quality Bailiffs received payment in full on the writ.

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