County Court Judgment CCJ collection Nottingham

Case Study Nottingham

A business client of ours, an IT company based in the East Midlands, telephoned us recently and asked if we could help enforce a CCJ County Court Judgement.

  • Our client had provided a service for its customer based nearby in Nottingham.
  • Everything had gone well; the service was provided and the invoice sent, but the customer had not paid.
  • They took the case through the small claims process and gained a judgment against the IT company.

Our client needed to know what to do now.

As the amount owed was over £600 we arranged the transfer up of the judgment to the High Court.

A high court writ of control was issued against the debtor.

We sent Certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) to Nottingham to execute the writ.

Faced with the writ the debtor paid up in full.

Need to a enforce a CCJ in Nottingham?

If you need a County Court Judgment collected in Nottingham then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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