Successful recovery by High Court Enforcement Officer in Sheffield

Case Study Sheffield

Saving for a car

A young girl aged 18 spent 4 years saving up her money from her part time job to buy her own car. She had always dreamed of having a little blue Fiat 500 that she would be able to whizz around in.

She always knew that she wanted to learn how to drive as she lived in the countryside and was 30 mins from the nearest town Sheffield where all her friends lived.

She had to rely on her parents a lot to drive her around. So when she was 14 she got a part time job and started saving up to buy her own car when the time was right to be able to gain her own independence.

Buying her dream car

She was now 18 and had passed her test and was searching for her dream car. The girl looked on several websites before finding the one that she wanted. She went with her father to the motor company in Sheffield to have a look at the car. Both her and her father inspected the car before taking it for a test drive.

The car was perfect. It had just been serviced and had nearly 11 months on the MOT. The girl and her father came to a deal with the motor company and she bought the little Fiat 500. The girl was over the moon that she now had her new car and dreamed of all the adventures she was going to have in it.

The dream goes wrong

After a couple of weeks the girl started to notice that the car was not speeding up like it was before, and the engine was making some peculiar sounds. A week later the engine management light came on, and this is when they knew that there was a significant problem.

The girl and her father contacted the motor company they bought the car from and they refused to do anything, and told them that they would need to take it to a garage to get it looked at before they would look into it.

They took it to the garage and they listed many problems with the car, and said that it should never have passed the MOT as it was not road safe.

The young girl was absolutely devastated. All the money she had saved up had just been thrown down the drain. Her dreams were coming crashing down on her. When the girl and her father tried to ring the motor company again to demand their money back they found the motor company had blocked their phone number. When phoning from a different number they would just hang up on them.

Car lot

Action to get a County Court Judgment (CCJ)

The young girl’s father decided to take legal action and submit a form online to gain a Count Court Judgment (CCJ). They went to court and won the case, and got a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against the motor company. The company now had to pay back all the money that she was owed which was just over £5,500.

A few weeks had passed, and the girl still didn’t have her money back and so they decided to get in touch with a High Court Enforcement officer in Sheffield to help.

Instruct the High Court Enforcement Officer

She engaged Quality Bailiffs High Court Enforcement Officers and Certificated Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs). They not only operate in Sheffield itself but also have offices in West and South Yorkshire.

The High Court Enforcement Officer sent his bailiff team to the motor company to obtain the money whether this was in cash or through the taking control of assets that the motor company had.

When the bailiff team arrived at the motor company the owner was very abusive to them and said that he would not be paying them a penny. The bailiffs said that is fine as we will just start obtaining assets then.

The Bailiffs started looking round the motor company in Sheffield and started to list all the assets they would be able to take to gain the money owed to the girl. As High Court Enforcement Officers their powers are quite extensive.

The debt that was owed was now just over £6,500.00 including the costs which the debtor has to pay. The bailiffs found a couple of cars that would make good assets and so decided to clamp them to keep the owner from moving these.

After the cars were clamped the owner(debtor) of the Sheffield motor company agreed to pay the full amount owed including the bailiff fees.

A successful collection

After confirmation from the accounts department that the money had been received, the bailiffs were on their merry way, after another successful trip.

A couple months later the girl had bought another Fiat 500 and was off on her adventures. She was very grateful to the High Court Enforcement Officer and the Bailiffs in Sheffield for all their help in retrieving her money.

Problems with collecting on CCJs?

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