Successful High Court Enforcement in Leicester

The Problem

Leicester restaurant

A small company had carried out works for a restaurant and take away in Leicester but despite doing a good job had not been paid.

The tradesman tried writing letters and telephoning the restaurant however they ignored him.

The tradesman used money claim on line, the courts online service to sue the restaurant.

The tradesman navigated his way through the system and gained a default County Court Judgment as the defendant (restaurant) did not respond.

The tradesman was advised by a friend at his local business club to use Quality Bailiffs whose High Court Enforcement Division was Frank G Whitworth High Court Enforcement since 1948. The friend had successfully used them previously to recover money on a judgment that they had.

Quality Bailiffs have a very simple system and it only costs £156. This is for the costs of setting up the file and getting the writ. The Leicester Bailiffs add this to the debt, and you will get the fees refunded to if the debt is successfully collected from the debtor.

The Bailiff Solution

Quality Bailiffs kept the claimant informed throughout the process via its management system which emails updates after every significant event.

A couple of weeks later after it had been transferred up to the High Court and after the compliance period was over the writ was allocated to a local Leicester bailiff to visit.

The local Leicester bailiff knew that the restaurant only opened on an evening so attended on a Friday evening. The defendant was not very cooperative and claimed that he had appealed the judgment and was applying to have it set aside. The bailiff threatened to lockup the goods on site and effect close the restaurant. That did the trick and the defendant decided to pay in full.

Problems with collecting on CCJs?

When you are owed money and have got a court judgment the quickest, most effective and most successful way to get your Judgment enforced, is to transfer the judgment up to The High Court. It can then be enforced by the High Court Enforcement Officer.

If you have problems with collecting on CCJs in Leicester then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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