Reading Bailiff deals with couple’s happy day disaster

We are getting married

A Berkshire couple had saved for years towards their perfect happy day after a 5-year romance. With help from family they had managed to save nearly £15,000 for the perfect wedding day in Reading. Everything was booked and paid for from the venue, photographer, to the catering.

The day arrived and everything was in place; the bride, family, friends, and photographer. Everything went without a hitch resulting in the perfect wedding that they had all dreamed of. Perfect but for one thing.

They found out 3 days later that the photographs had been lost by the photographer. He claimed he had a fault with the data stick they were transferred to. The photographer was totally unsympathetic to the extent he even refused to refund the £1,150 that they had paid him in advance.

The bad news did not stop there. The dreaded Corona Virus raised its ugly head, and the honeymoon was cancelled.


While sat at home every day in the first lockdown with nothing better to do he looked online at his options and decided to go down the County Court route to get his money back.

He logged onto Money Claims Online and was surprised how simple the procedure was. Luckily his now wife had kept all the receipts of the day for a wedding journal she had made. With all the evidence they had the County Court judged in their favour. Luckily enough the receipt, business card and bank account were all in the photographer’s name and not a business name, so there was no doubt as to who the debtor was.

The Sheriffs are Coming

Sheriffs are Coming

Sitting at home one evening watching the TV; not being a big fan of The Great British Bake Off they switched channels to watch The Sheriffs Are Coming on BBC1 instead, and that’s where they got the details of Quality Bailiffs whose Enforcement Agents feature in the program.

They contacted Quality Bailiffs for advice. The bailiffs explained the way High Court Enforcement worked. It was explained that if the High Court Enforcement officer did not put 100% effort into collecting the debt (subject to laws and regulations) they did not earn anything from the job. The money that was paid up front was simply the costs of getting the writ and setting up the file. The couple decided to instruct Quality Bailiffs to help them get the writ and enforce it. The process was commenced to transfer the judgment to the High Court for enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Officer or one of their bailiffs in Reading.

Within a few weeks Quality Bailiffs in Reading received the Writ and sent the mandatory Notice of Enforcement to the defendant. Quality Bailiffs Reading received a telephone call from a female claiming to be the defendant’s wife saying that he had not lived there for a couple of months and that they were getting a divorce. Quality Bailiffs Reading then escalated to writ to enforcement stage.

Quality Bailiffs Reading staff carried out a social media search and found a photograph on his Facebook page of a family BBQ just 2 days earlier casting a shadow of doubt on her claims. The first day that lockdown restrictions were lifted one of our Reading bailiffs gave this case priority and attended the address first thing in the morning.

On arriving at the address there was a nice Mercedes C class parked on the drive with a personalised number plate matching the debtor’s initials. The Reading Bailiff arrived at 6.30am and knocked on the door to the property. The door was answered by the same female that was in the photograph, with the respondent walking down the stairs behind her still in his dressing gown. His face was a picture when he noticed our Reading bailiff stood there in his stab vest and body cam trained on him.

After 20 minutes of pleading poverty, claiming the vehicle wasn’t his, that it was on finance, and that it was not his fault, our bailiff pointed out that it had his initials on the number plate and was not on finance and that if he did not pay we would remove it to be stored and sold at auction. He then claimed to be in quarantine after showing Corona symptoms. Our bailiff said that if that was the case he won’t need the vehicle and that it would give him a few days to raise the funds to pay the fine so he could get his vehicle back ready for when quarantine ended.

The bailiff got his clamp from his van and proceed to clamp the vehicle. By now the street was waking up and the neighbour’s curtains were twitching. The wife told her husband to pay and asked us to stop and said that he would pay the debt if we put the clamp back in the van. The man disappeared upstairs for 2 minutes, returned and produced just over £1,600 cash from inside the house and paid it there and then.

Whilst writing out the receipt the debtor said he would appeal, and had the audacity to ask our Reading bailiff for advice. He replied and said “The best advice I can give you is back up all your photographs on a hard drive as soon as possible, pay your debts sooner, and don’t drive a car with a personal number plate.”The bailiff gave him a cheeky wink and left to go to his next job.


It put a smile on our Reading bailiffs face when he phoned the client when leaving the address and told them that he had collected the debt in full, including the enforcement costs.

We received an email from the client thanking us for the job we did and telling us that they managed to get enough photographs from the guests phones and cameras to compile a wedding album, and that they put the money we collected was going to upgrading their honeymoon, when it eventually happens after all the travel restrictions are removed. Apart from the stress it was a win-win situation for everybody apart from the rogue photographer.

Problems with collecting on CCJs?

When you are owed money and have got a court judgment the quickest, most effective and most successful way to get your Judgment enforced, is to transfer the judgment up to The High Court. It can then be enforced by the High Court Enforcement Officer.

If you have problems with collecting on CCJs in Reading then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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