County Court Judgment CCJ collection Birmingham

Case Study Birmingham

The problem

Having supplied goods to a to large dealership in Birmingham our client, a vehicle parts wholesaler, had not been paid for over £12k worth of goods.

The wholesaler had taken the case through the court system and had obtained a judgment against the garage in Birmingham.

The county court bailiffs had attended and found the garage to be empty and returned the case.

The solution

We suggested to our client that they use our investigation department to locate the owner and any assets they may have.

Our investigation department located the debtor in another garage in Birmingham. We identified there were assets there owned by the debtor and advised the client.

On our suggestion the debt was transferred to the High Court for enforcement.

A Writ of Control was issued against the debtor.

Quality Bailiffs Agents attended the new garage and took control of goods as allowed under the writ.

The debtor not wishing to have his assets removed from the garage paid the debt.

Another successful case where we enforced a CCJ County Court Judgment in Birmingham.

Problems with collecting on CCJs?

If you have problems with collecting on CCJs in Birmingham then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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