How to become a Bailiff

Have you ever wondered how to become a bailiff, or a Certificated Enforcement Agent as it is currently known. Quality Bailiffs can set you on the right road.

If you want to be a Certificated Enforcement Agent, you will need to obtain a General Certificate from the County Court approved to deal with the applications to become a Certificated Enforcement Agent.**

There are items and criteria that must be satisfied prior to the granting of a certificate as follows:

  1. An application to the court must be completed and sent to Northampton County Court on form EAC1_0414.indd
  2. Proof of a qualification obtained in Taking Control of Goods to Level 2 or equivalent (recognised by a national awarding body) with your application.
  3. Provide a Data Baring Service check (previously called a CRB) no older than 30 days at the time of your hearing **
  4. Provide a County Court Judgement Certificate with your application. **
  5. Provide copies of the forms you intend to use with your application** .
  6. Provide proof as to your knowledge and experience of the Taking Control of Goods process, national standards, Tribunals Courts and Enforcement Act, regulations and other Enforcement Agent Rules and Procedures with your application** .
  7. Provide a professional reference from an experienced and qualified person in evidence of your knowledge and experience in taking control of goods and the enforcement process with your application. **
  8. Provide a professional character reference with your application.
  9. Provide an Enforcement Agents Bond**
  10. Two passport size photographs with your application.

** As part of the course Enforcement Bailiffs Ltd provide and assist you in obtaining these items (Our trainers have over 25 years of experience in the Enforcement industry and are fully qualified trainers).

So time to stop wondering how to become a bailiff, visit our Certificated Enforcement Agent Training website for further information.