High Court Enforcement Services

County Court Judgments

County Court Judgments

If your County Court Judgment (CCJ) is for above £600 we can get this enforced for you via the High Court using a Writ of control.

We work for authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, currently Frank Whitworth, who oversees the case, whilst the enforcement agents on the ground do the physical visits to enforce the judgment.

High Court Enforcement Officers and their Enforcement Agents have extensive powers including the right to force entry to commercial properties.

Property Evictions

Quality Bailiffs carries out the repossession of both residential and commercial property and land via High Court Writs of Possession authorised by our High Court Enforcement Officer.

An Order for Possession for trespassers on your land or property, or an Order for Possession against tenants can be transferred up to the High Court for enforcement by Writ of Possession.