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Our Senior Team has been evicting trespassers, travellers and squatters from car parks, land and property since 1988, with and without court orders, in as little as 2 hours

Quality Bailiffs

Premier Service 2-3 hours

Depending on the circumstances of the incursion we can within 2-3 hours of your instruction send a team of bailiffs to the site to serve a common law eviction notice. They will remain and oversee the trespassers or travellers leaving and removing their vehicles. **

Standard Service 24 hours

Depending on the circumstances of the incursion and information obtained from a site risk assessment we can guarantee to have the travellers evicted in 24 hours, subject to legal considerations and Police support.

  1. Within 2-3 hours of instruction we serve a common law eviction notice instructing the travellers to leave immediately. We encourage them to leave.
  2. If they do not leave immediately we conduct a full Risk Assessment (Health & Safety at Work Act), and draw up a plan for an eviction operation should that that become necessary. We then inform the Police of the serve and obtain an incident number.
  3. If they do not leave whilst we are on site we liaise with you to monitor the situation and agree the resources required and costs for an eviction. We then arrange a suitable time for the eviction,and liaise with the Police for support.
  4. We despatch a team with an experienced team leader to carry out the eviction. We liaise with the Police as necessary and arrange tow trucks if required.
  5. The site is cleared and you regain possession.

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I would like to thank you and your traveller eviction team at Quality Bailiffs for an excellent job in difficult circumstances.

We were particularly impressed with how quick you got them off despite their resistance.

It was also appreciated how you were able to deliver the extra manpower needed as their numbers increased overnight.

Thank you again for your time and efforts on this matter. If you ever need a reference, let me know!

Matt T, Property Manager

Managing Agents, Surrey

We were so pleased the travellers have now been evicted and left both the car park and surrounding site. Thanks so much for that, and thanks for getting your team on to it so quickly.

We will try the security precautions you have suggested so many thanks for the recommendation.

David, Property Manager

Retail estate Essex

Thanks very much for your prompt response and quotation.

I am informed by our managing agents that the travellers have actually vacated the site in question after your initial visit, so thankfully your full services shouldn’t be required in this instance.

However the quotation is very competitive so we will certainly be using Quality Bailiffs for any future incidents.


Landlord, Midlands

* guaranteed results

We guarantee that providing clients follow our advice about resources, we receive Police support, and there is no legal reason the eviction can go ahead, we will remove the travellers within 24 hours of accepting your instruction to evict.

** 2-3 hour service

Not all evictions can be achieved in this time frame. There are many variables including: availability of Police support, serious resistance from the trespassers, legal considerations, and practical issues. Evictions can take between 4 to 12 hours with bailiffs, security support staff and tow trucks remaining on site.