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When undertaking lease forfeiture you are never sure what you might find. When undertaking a lease forfeiture in Newcastle of a florist shop our enforcement agents found a rather large number of cannabis plants.

The Brief

Lease Forfeiture Newcastle Florist

We received a call from a lady who was considerably upset and had reached breaking point; despite being owed over £10,000 in rent from the tenant of a florists she had no interest in instructing us to recover the money, she simply wanted them out and fast.

She had tried to reason with them and all she received in return was abuse. She asked if we could take control of the entire situation for her as she did not want to be present as she admitted she was frightened of them.

We explained that we could do this the very next day early in the morning and get the locks changed for her. At her request we also included the torts service. With the Torts Service we provide supervised re-entry to the tenant at a later date to collect their belongings. This can help landlords as they do not have to be present and face the tenant.

The client was thrilled with how quick we were able to do the lease forfeiture and waited nervously for the following morning.

The Lease Forfeiture

Upon arrival our Enforcement Agent met with the locksmith outside the florists and placed the special possession notices on various windows and took photographs whilst waiting to enter the property.

Once he had entered the property he took more photographs and immediately noticed an overpowering smell; a smell that stood out against the floral smell of the store.

He went through to the back of the store, up a few stone steps and behind a curtain he found a rather large amount of cannabis plants.

Straightaway the Enforcement Agent reported this to the police and also back to the office who relayed the information back to the client and assured her not to worry.

The police arrived and removed the plants and examined the rest of the building but did not find anything else. The tenants did not arrive whilst the forfeiture and police attendance was underway, which was beneficial as this could have created a rather tense situation.

Aside from this, the forfeiture went as planned and the client was very happy with how efficient we were considering the circumstances. A very happy client who has used us a couple of times for troublesome tenants.

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