Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Nottingham

Case Study Nottingham, and the East Midlands

We were instructed to collect commercial rent arrears on a tenant in Nottingham.

As required under the CRAR procedure we sent the Notice of Enforcement to the tenant. This gives the tenant a set time to pay, or to make contact to discuss payment arrangements.

There was no response from the tenant, and no payment was made.

Our bailiff in Nottingham attended the premises, an amusement arcade, to collect the outstanding rent arrears.

Call the locksmith

The only assets in the amusement arcade were the amusement machines. The tenant was able to provide proof that they were on hire from a third party and so could not be seized.

However the machines had money in them that could be taken to pay the debt. Unfortunately the tenant refused to open the machines.

The only solution was to call a locksmith to gain access to the machines and the money.

Realising that we were not going to leave without payment the tenant eventually paid the debt.

Collecting outstanding rent can sometimes be achieved by being persistent and recognising where there are assets.

Problems with commercial tenants?

If you have problems with late paying commercial tenants in Nottingham and the East Midlands then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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