When trespass becomes a protection racket


Evicted three times from a car park in two weeks ‘travellers’ offer shop owner protection from other travellers for £100 per week.

When trespass becomes a protection racket

The Problem

We received a call from a regular client recently to say he had two caravans trespassing on his land and could we help remove them.

First Eviction

We had a bailiff out within 2 hours and had them served with notice to vacate the next day. We spoke with the Police and gave them the details. They told us that this family was known to them and advised not to attend without them. We therefore requested a presence for 08.00 the following day.

On arriving at the site the next morning there were no Police waiting for us. A call to the Police and they told us they were too busy to attend. It was decided to proceed without the Police by trying to persuade them to leave.

The travellers refused to go unless we paid them £500 per van. Eventually we called a tow truck to tow them off. They made threats with various weapons and other travellers began pulling up in vans to support them. It was obvious that it was not safe to evict them without support from the Police. We had to suspend the eviction until the Police arrived.

After six hours the Police finally attended and said that as no one was hurt they could not do anything, or stay whilst we towed them off, as they did not have the resource.

Our bailiffs persevered and after another couple of hours we managed to get them off the car park. The client was pleased with us, but furious with the Police.

Second Eviction

The following week we get another call from the client saying that the same or similar group had returned. We again served them and discovered it was the same travellers.

They asked for money again and refused to go.

We again turned up to evict them. The Police this time turned up with 6 officers to support us. The travellers refused to leave unless we or the client paid them off £500 per van. They constantly made threats to our staff in front of the Police and constantly asked for money.

The Police did not do anything about this and left our bailiffs to get constant threats and intimidation until the tow truck arrived. The police officers said that this family was known to them and how the main man was a bare knuckle fighter who was well known for his intimidation tactics.

When the tow truck arrived the travellers still refused to move. We had the tow truck reverse up to their vehicles. The travellers then got a young girl to climb up on the roof of the tow truck and jump up and down on it. Other kids alsogot on the back of the truck. The police eventually took the girl into custody for her own safety and obviously the travellers reacted violently though there were no arrests.

These travellers live in houses less than five miles from the premises. They hired motorhomes to ‘travel’ to extort money. The girl was taken back to the house by the Police and the travellers then left.

Third Eviction

About one and half hours later the travellers returned and re-occupied the car park.

They went in to see the client and demanded £500 a caravan to leave. They made various threats and said that the Police cannot do anything to them. They also said that even if you get the bailiff back as soon as they go we will be back.

The company are waiting to get a height barrier installed to stop the travellers from returning. In the meantime we arranged for concrete blocks to be positioned as soon as we evicted them for the third time.

They have now called back in again and said we will keep all the other travellers away for £100 a week.

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