Traveller Eviction Croydon

Case Study Croydon

When an amusement park had travellers camped on their car park, they they had a serious problem affecting their business. As word got round visitors were being put off coming to the Park.

With a bank holiday the next weekend they needed all the car park space. They needed the travellers moved on, and fast.

The Problem

The Amusement Park security team had spoken with the travellers, asking them to move on. They said they would leave for a payment of £5,000 in cash. No money, no leave.

The Park owner realised this was not a good idea, and called in Quality Bailiffs.

The Solution

Within 2 hours of being instructed we had served notice on the travellers to move.

Our enforcement agents attended the amusement park the following day to make sure they left.

We try to persuade trespassers to leave of their own accord rather then physically remove them, as this we find is the better approach.

Two hours of negotiating and they left the car park. Success.

The Amusement Park cleaned up the mess left behind, and were ready in time for the bank holiday rush.

Traveller Eviction in Croydon

If you need Traveller Eviction in Croydon then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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