Gypsy Eviction Blackburn

Case Study Blackburn

The Background

Grant was a very experienced builder based in Blackburn. He received a phone call from his security company to say travellers had moved onto his building site in the middle of the night and were refusing to leave.

Grant rang the police, like most people do, but they could not help. So, he turned to the internet and found Quality Bailiffs.

The Problem

It was a Friday morning and the builder was concerned that if he did not deal with this immediately more travellers would move in over the weekend.

The travellers had parked in such a way that they were causing health and safety issues. The result was that part of the site had to stop working. Any delay meant staff would have to be laid off, and he would lose money.

Grant went and spoke with the travellers. It was clear they realised that they were causing disruption to the site when they offered to move if he paid them £1,500.

The Solution

We discussed with Grant the options. It was clear that the travellers meant business.

We organised the papers to serve immediately and had a team on site by the afternoon. The team served them notice to quit.

They were extremely aggressive to the point they threatened one of our bailiffs with what they claimed was a gun. This was developing into a potentially very serious situation. As most of our bailiffs are equipped with body worn videos we were able to show the video to the Police.

With a significant police presence our bailiffs evicted the travellers at the Blackburn building site later the same day. Another successful traveller gypsy eviction.

Gypsy Eviction in Blackburn

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