Stab vest or Woolly vest


Those of you you who know me are aware I am well known in the Enforcement and Investigation industries for my Enforcement Agent training courses, and Process serving training course.

After recent legislation changes we added conflict management to the courses. At that point safety equipment hit the agenda.

Hands on experience

Even after all these years I like to have a hands on approach and go out into the field at the sharp end at least a couple of days a week.

When I go out safety has always been a high priority and after being attacked with a knife some years ago I have always worn a stab vest.

When I deliver courses I bring in my stab proof vest and show it to the students advising them to purchase similar equipment.

This has become increasingly important as in the last two years alone I have personally known at least a dozen bailiffs who have been seriously assaulted or attacked with knives.

Stab Vest

Over the years I have been confronted with lots of threats of violence. Since having my vest it gave me confidence that it would protect me when the chips were down.

Someone recently commented to me that my stab vest was looking a bit tired. When I thought about it I remembered I had owned the vest for over ten years.

Time to look for a new stab vest. Time to see what is new on the market.

Body Armour

I looked around for a new product and found a new generation of lightweight body armour from PPSS Group.

I watched one of their product videos and realised that this body armour was a better option than my kevlar vest.

The PPSS Body Armour is a product I felt confident would protect me against knives, needles and blunt force trauma and would last a very long time.

Kevlar vests at best break down after 4 to 5 years and do little if any thing to protect you from blunt force trauma - attacks with fists, wood and metal bars ...

The realisation that the vest I had been wearing and relying on to protect me by now will have deteriorated to be little more use than a woolly vests suddenly sunk in.

I also realised that even in its hay day it would have been unlikely to protect me from blunt force trauma and stabs and would have done little more than protect me from needles and knife slashes.

After visiting PPSS Group and obtaining one of their superior overt vests the difference is tremendous.

They are better quality and have 100% more protection than my old vest. I now feel more confident that my vest will do its job if needed.


PPSS Covert Stab Vest Body Armour

Body Armour


PPSS Overt Stab Vest Body Armour

Body Armour


PPSS Hi Viz Stab Vest Body Armour

Body Armour

Visit PPSS Group for further information on body armour.

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