Covid-19 Restrictions on Enforcement

Updated September 2020

Covid-19 regulations and rules

To protect the health and safety of our staff and of the people we visit, all our staff adhere to social distancing rules and local lockdown regulations.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

For actions commenced prior to 24 December 2020 there must be a total of 276 days rent owing.

For actions commenced after 25 December 2020 there must be a total of 365 days rent owing.

Forfeiture of Lease

Section 82 of the Coronavirus Act bars forfeiture for rent arrears in England regardless of when the arrears accrued until after 31 December 2020.

In Wales the effective date is 31 March 2021.

High Court Enforcement of Writs of Control, Writs of Possession, Combined Writs of Control and Possession

Since 23 August 2020, we are now able to visit to take control of goods at all properties, residential and commercial. We are also able to take control of vehicles on the Highway again.

However, the restrictions are different in areas of local lockdown, and that may mean we cannot visit when these are in place.

Restrictions and allowances due to the Covid 19 pandemic can be viewed at:

Evictions by Writ of Possession for Trespass

These are not restricted by covid-19, and we continue to evict trespassers.

Commercial and Residential Evictions

All other evictions including residential tenants restarted from 21 August 2020.

The government has introduced a new amendment to the Civil Procedure Rules. This makes it quicker and easier to use a High Court Enforcement Officer to enforce your order for possession. This will make the process much quicker and cheaper than before.

Please see article for more information.

Common Law eviction of Travellers and Trespassers

These types of evictions are not restricted by covid-19, and we continue to evict travellers and trespassers.

However, we are required to adhere to social distancing rules and any local lockdown regulations that apply.

Further information

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