Lease Forfeiture South London

Case Study South London

In this job when doing lease forfeiture you come across plenty of sights. But this one in south London was something different!

We were contacted by a commercial landlord. The tenant had stopped paying the rent on this commercial property. After trying, unsuccessfully, to get the rent paid he had contacted Quality Bailiffs to effect forfeiture of the lease as was allowed under the terms of the lease.

The property was a former dentist surgery which the new tenant was using as a business office. The job sounded straightforward. All we had to do was effect entry, change the locks, and post notices. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Our south London bailiff arrived at the premises early in the evening along with the locksmith. The premises were locked up, which was expected as it was outside office hours.

After gaining entry the locksmith set about changing the locks and the bailiff inspected the premises to be able to report back to the landlord on the condition.

There were noises from the upstairs of the property. This was unexpected as the property appeared empty when they arrived. The bailiff, accompanied by the locksmith, went upstairs to investigate.

They entered the office to find ... two young ladies dressed as nurses, and a middle-aged man handcuffed to a bed! They were not expecting that!

The office was being used for ... The three of them quickly left when the police were called.

Our team then got on with the job of securing the premises for the landlord.

One of our more unusual lease forfeitures in south London.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

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