Lease Forfeiture Romford

Case Study Romford

The Assignment

We were instructed to attend a unit in Romford and take peaceable possession therefore effecting forfeiture of lease on the property in Romford. A straightforward job; or so we thought.

But as a Certificated Enforcement Agent (more generally known as a Bailiff) we have come to expect the unexpected. And so it was on this assignment.

When we arrived the property, as expected, was locked up. We instructed the locksmith to gain entry so as to allow him to change the locks and for use to effect the forfeiture. So far, so good.

Expect the Unexpected

As the locksmith started to drill the locks the other door to the property was opened. The property had two entrance doors.

The tenant was using part of the property to live in; a fact not known by the landlord. This changed the assignment.

Our bailiffs abandoned the possession of the property at this stage as to continue would have been an illegal act. Although the property was on a commercial lease, the law states that lease forfeiture cannot be completed on any property where any part of the property is used for domestic use. The law applies whether the domestic use is in the lease or not.

Successful Outcome

We needed an alternative method of peaceable entry which then gave our bailiffs control of the situation. So we returned during the business opening hours and simply walked in the front door. Perfectly legal.

We posted security officers at the entrance to prevent anyone else entering the property, and then started discussions with the tenant about vacating the property. After a while the tenant agreed to co-operate, packed his personal belongings and left the unit. A successful forfeiture of lease in Romford.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

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