Lease Forfeiture Peterborough

Case Study Peterborough

The Problem

We recently spoke to a commercial landlord from Peterborough who had been taken advantage of by a tenant once too often. He wanted help with a forfeiture of Lease in Peterborough. This procedure is also known as a peaceable possession.

The landlord had given this Peterborough commercial tenant chance after chance with extended arrangements to pay off arrears. Each time the tenant defaulted on the arrangement.

It was two days before Christmas and yet again this commercial tenant defaulted on the arrangement.

The landlord telephoned Quality Bailiffs. He had had enough and wanted a quick solution to his problem.

The Solution

The property was a small cafe with few assets. We discussed the options and agreed the best way forward was to take possession of the property in Peterborough and forfeit the lease. We had sorted the admin arrangements within 2 hours and agreed a plan to go forward.

The following morning at 06:00 we took peaceable possession of the commercial property in Peterborough.

The landlord was given the keys and by 11.30am the tenant had offered to pay the arrears and the costs of possession in full.

This was a great Christmas present for the landlord, and another successful forfeiture of lease in Peterborough for Quality Bailiffs.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

If you need Commercial Lease Forfeiture in Peterborough then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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