What goes on behind closed doors?


When undertaking peaceable possessions you are never sure what you might find. A peaceable possession in London of a convenience store turned out to be something very different.

The Brief

What goes on behind closed doors?

As an Enforcement Agent every day brings new surprises. Things are not always as you expect. A peaceable possession in London carried out in London gave the team a surprise. It ws not what we were expecting.

The client that had booked us to do a peaceable possession of his commercial property said that his original tenant had left. This tenant had then illegally sub-let the property to a third party. The third party was not paying any rent and in any case had no right to remain there.

Our task was to gain peaceable possession and secure the property for the owner.

To help with our pre-visit preparations we asked what the trading style of the property was and were told it was a Spar. We did not question this further and assumed it was a small convenience store supplying food, alcohol and tobacco.

The Peaceable Possession

The client said the shop did not open until 8.00am and closed very late, so we agreed to do the peaceable possession at 6.00am the following day.

Our team arrived at 6.00am the following day with a locksmith to undertake the peaceable possession. At first they had trouble finding the property as they were looking for a small convenience store.

They soon realised that it was not a Spar, but a Spa called something similar to the Health Massage Spa.

The locksmith gained entry to the property and the team entered to take possession and discovered it was in fact a brothel.

There was none of the occupier’s staff on duty at the time of our visit and it was handled professionally like all our cases. The bailiff took an inventory of goods and the property was secured.

What goes on behind closed doors?

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