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Case Study London

We have recently assisted a commercial landlord in London gain possession of a retail shop by executing a forfeiture of lease.

The landlord had a retail shop that was let out to a tenant operating as dry cleaners.

The tenant acted as an agent for another dry cleaning company, and was not undertaking the dry cleaning on the premises.

The Problem

The tenant had rent arrears and had been a habitual bad payer for some considerable time.

The landlord said he would chase the tenant for payment most months, who would eventually pay. However there was always some arrears because the tenant was so far behind with payment.

The landlord had had enough and wanted to get the outstanding rent and the tenant evicted from the property.

The Solution

We explained to the landlord that the law does not allow rent arrears recovery and eviction to be done at the same time without a court order.

We advised the landlord to get his property back first, then either re let it or get the tenant to pay in full including the costs of possession before letting him back in.

One reason for not doing a CRAR (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery) procedure was that the tenant had few items in the premises that could be seized to be sold.

The tenant only acted as an agent for the dry cleaners, taking in clothes and sending them to another company to do the cleaning. As a consequence the only goods in the property that belonged to the tenant was a few coat hangers. Not enough to cover the arrears.

The landlord completed our warrant and we took possession of the property the following day.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

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