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When undertaking lease forfeiture you are never sure what you might find. When undertaking a lease forfeiture in Leeds of a shop our enforcement agents found the tenant running an illegal club bar in the basement.

The Brief

We received a call from a landlord wanting to instruct us for a straightforward Lease Forfeiture, or so we thought.

He explained that the tenants of a shop in Leeds hadn’t been paying rent for a number of months. This was not the first time they had done this. This time he had decided enough was enough and wanted to regain possession of his property.

We were instructed to attend with a locksmith in the evening when the landlord was positive that the shop would be closed.

The Lease Forfeiture

Our Enforcement Agent and the Locksmith attended the property at approximately 8pm. Upon approaching the shop they could hear loud music and see a crowd of people outside of the shop.

Our agent, being careful not to draw attention to himself, stood back where he could get a clear view and could see that there was a doorman letting people in and out of the building through a side door.

At that point it was obvious to our agent that the forfeiture was not going to go as originally planned. He left and relayed his findings back to the office who then passed them onto our client.

Our client requested that we went back as early as we possibly could. We decided to go back at 4am in the hope that it would be quiet. On the second attendance, it was completely quiet. Our Agent and Locksmith were able to gain peaceful entry and finally see what had been causing so much commotion earlier.

Once they were in, they made their way down some stairs and through a corridor lined with thick purple curtains and entered into a room with numerous booths and tables, jukeboxes and a fully stocked bar!

There was a bar being ran underneath the shop. Once the shop was closed for the day, the tenants then went downstairs to work in the bar which opened in the evenings.

The Result

Regardless of our agents findings it was still a successful day as we gained back possession of our client’s property.

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