Lease Forfeiture Central London

Case Study Central London

This week we have helped out a Central London commercial landlord get his property back for none payment of rent.

Under most commercial leases the landlord has a right to instruct bailiffs to take possession of the property without going to court if the rent is over 14 days late.

The rent was 21 days overdue and the tenant was not responding to calls or letters from the landlord.

On the instruction of the landlord we attended this property, a large industrial warehouse, in the early hours of the morning with a locksmith and broke in to take possession.

When we opened the door the property was half full to the roof with building rubble and rubbish !!!

This tenant had been running an illegal waste disposal business and dumping the waste in the unit.

This will cost the landlord thousands to clear but further delays could have cost him much more.

At Quality Bailiffs we act swiftly.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

If you need Commercial Lease Forfeiture in central London then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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