Lease Forfeiture Bristol Night Club

A client instructed us to collect rent arrears using the Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) process against a night club in Bristol. A common job that we undertake regularly. But this one turned into a lease forfeiture and a surprising discovery.


The night club did not open until midnight each day, and was members only, making access an issue. We attended a number of times, but on each occasion the doorman refused us access.

A letter for the owner was left with the doorman in an attempt to make contact to discuss the outstanding rent arrears.

The owner did make contact and made various promises about payment, but refused us access to complete a controlled goods agreement. Payment of the rent arrears was not made.

Enquires made with neighbours of the night club revealed that the customers of this club were mainly men aged 55 and over. The only other people seen entering the premises were some staff and some very young females scantily dressed.

After discussing the options the landlord decided to forfeit the lease.

Lease Forfeiture

We attended the premises and completed the lease forfeiture. Job done. But ...

When securing the premises our bailiffs found two young Romanian females locked in a room! The Police were called to deal with this.

It appears that the night club was a front for a brothel with many of the girls being trafficked into this country.

Commercial Lease Forfeiture

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