Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery West London

Case Study West London

The problem

A commercial landlord contacted us about a tenant. He was concerned about the change in the law, and whether this meant he would not be able to collect the outstanding rent arrears.

We were able to reassure him that the new legislation included a method to collect rent arrears.

The solution

Having been instructed to collect the commercial rent arrears in Harrow, west London, we followed the new CRAR (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery) procedure to collect the outstaind rent.

  • Notice of Enforcement sent to the tenant.

The notice of enforcement gives the tenant a number of days to pay the outstanding rent, or make a payment plan to pay the outstanding rent.

The tenant chose to ignore the notice. After the notice period we moved to stage 2 of enforcement.

  • Our bailiff in Harrow attended the address. It was an amusement arcade.
  • The visit is to collect payment or to take possession goods to the value of the debt to be sold to pay the outstanding rent.

The debtor informed us all the machines were hired from a third party and he was able to provide proof of this.

There was of course all the money in the machines, but the tenant refused to open them.

  • A locksmith was called to gain access to the machines.

Rather than have this happen and be out of business the tenant paid the outstanding rent.

A good result for the landlord.

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