Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Northampton, East Midlands

Case Study Northampton, East Midlands

We took a phone call from a SME business in the east midlands. They had a tenant in Northampton who owed £4,000 rent on a shop, plus a smaller amount in service changes.

They had tried to collect the rent but without success. Could we help them to collect the rent and service charges? Yes, we can.

We are able to use the CRAR (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery) procedure to collect outstanding rent.

  • Our Bailiffs in Northampton, now known as Certificated Enforcement Agents, sent out the required Notice of Enforcement for the rent arrears.
  • This gives the tenant 7 clear days from receipt, not including Sundays or bank holidays, to pay in full before the Bailiff / Enforcement Agent visits to take control of the goods.
  • On this occasion it was served personally by one of our Process Servers. It can also be sent by post, but in which case you have to allow for the extra time in the post before further action can be taken. Serving the paperwork personally we find adds an urgency to the matter for the tenant, and encourages them to pay or make arrangements to pay.

Service charges can not be collected using CRAR so we used our debt recover service to recover that money.

  • Our office issued a letter before action to the tenant.
  • On this occasion it was served personally by one of our Process Servers at the same time as the CRAR Notice of Enforcement.

2 days after the tenant was served the outstanding rent and service charges were paid.

Another success for our bailiffs in Northampton.

Need CRAR in Northampton?

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