Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery London

Case Study London

A recent case using the new Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery regulations, CRAR, was an Indian restaurant in London.

The tenant had been consistently late with their rent.

The landlord had chased the tenant this time for two weeks with nothing to show but promises.

Fed up with the time and trouble this was causing the landlord phoned Quality Bailiffs at 09.00 one morning.

We had a London based bailiff at the premises at 12:00 as they opened to trade.

The Bailiff served a notice of enforcement under the CRAR regulations, asking for payment of the rent.

The tenant agreed to pay in full to avoid further bailiff fees. It had cost him £75 for the bailiff to serve the notice of enforcement.

This had been a wakeup call to action for this debtor. He did not want to deal with the bailiffs, and certainly did not want to pay the enforcement fees, which would have been the next part of the process.

We had a happy London landlord who had received all the outstanding rent at no cost to him as the tenant paid the fees.

Problems with commercial tenants?

If you have problems with late paying commercial tenants in London then contact Quality Bailiffs.

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