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Nationwide Traveller Eviction

Commercial Property
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Traveller Eviction

Traveller Eviction

Travellers set up an unauthorised encampment on your land or car park?

Do you have horses left fly grazing on your land?

Use our Eviction service.

Lease Forfeiture

Lease Forfeiture

Has your commercial tenant broken the terms of the lease?

Do you need to repossess your commercial property?

Use our Peaceable Possession service.


Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Is the rent overdue from your commercial tenant?

Do you need to recover your commercial rent arrears?

Use our CRAR service.

High Court Enforcement & CCJs

Getting your CCJ or an order to evict squatters may only be the start of the process.

If you have a CCJ, Commercial Order for Possession, IPO or a Writ of Possession we can help via our authorised High Court Enforcement Officer.

Our experienced enforcement team have many years of experience in conducting these operations and are here with our High Court Enforcement Officer to help. We have a nationwide team of skilled experienced Enforcement Agents to deliver the service across England and Wales.

A majority of these types of instruction come from the legal profession and commercial landlords however we work for numerous different types of businesses, local authorities and the general public.

High Court Enforcement, CCJs

Business to Business Debt Collection

Where a debt is owed and the business has not responded to reminders and collection letters a fast solution is required. Picture a Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) walking into the reception of the debtor company and politely demanding to speak with a director or senior manager.

The sight of a uniformed bailiff would certainly have impact. Once they get to speak to the most senior person available they can ask for the immediate settlement of the debt. At this stage they are not able to enforce any payment without a writ or a warrant.

If payment is not received the bailiff will serve a letter before action giving 7 days notice of a claim being issued. The bailiff will take photographs of any assets, vehicles etc, providing further encouragement for the debtor to make payment within the 7 days.

On the rare occasions these methods do not work to recover your debts we can via our panel of highly experienced solicitors go legal with the debt, taking it through to judgment then going on to use our Enforcement division to enforce and recover your money.

Business to Business Debt collection

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