and investigations

Need a Process Server? We have the solution

Serving legal documents

Process Server

We personally serve, and provide a proof of service, for all types of process anywhere in the world.

We have an extensive network of local process servers. This means we are able to respond to your instructions quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Tracing people

People Tracing

Like any good investigator and debt collector being able to locate someone and assess their ability to pay are essential tools in your debt recovery process.

At Enforcement Bailiffs we have a trace and pre sue department that do just that.

Pre Litigation / Pre Sue reports

Pre-litigation Reports

We offer two levels of pre-litigation reports, often called pre-sue reports. Both are available for a fixed fee.

  • Standard UK Status Report. This would normally be done without visiting the property but would be completed with database enquires, telephone enquiries and information from local sources
  • Enhanced UK Status Report. This would normally include a visit which could be combined for no extra cost with a door step debt collection request.

Enquiries and Surveillance

Enquiries and Investigations

We are skilled and experienced professional investigators and provide a door step / field agency service to visit your subjects to find information, collect or verify documents, take statements and or complete locus reports.

We also offer a surveillance service, including the use of GPS trackers, to observe people and assets and their movements.