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Commercial Landlords

Commercial Landlords

As a commercial landlord, even under the new bailiff regulations, you still hold a special creditors privilege that no other type of creditor has.

This is to use Certificated Bailiffs or Certificated Enforcement Agents as we are now called to execute warrants on your behalf for rent arrears without the need to go to a court.

This is CRAR, Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery. There are of course some rules and criteria to be met in order to do so.


Frank Martin Award

Our Founder and CEO Andy Coates has been recognised by way of three awards so far in his 25 years plus career in this industry.

In 2009 he was awarded The Frank Martin award for his many years of service and devotion to the industry by his peers in The Association of British Investigators.

In 2003 he won the Investigator of the year award from The National Association of Investigators and Process servers.

In 1997 he was awarded Investigator of the year by the Northern Association of Investigators and Process servers.

Trade Organisations

Certificated Enforcement Agents Association
Association of British Investigators
Association of Professional Process Servers
British Agents 

Our Founder and CEO Andy Coates is a founder member of the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association, a Founder member of the Association of Professional Process Servers, and a past governing council member of the Association of British Investigators.

Andy spent two years as Executive Council member of The Enforcement Services Association ESA and Civil Enforcement Agents Association CIVEA.

Andy was also on the Skills for Security Group that produced the National Standards for Enforcement Agents.

Services to the legal profession

Our biggest client base is still from the legal profession, being instructed by solicitors and barristers. As such we not only provide a very we also provide a legal support service which includes the essential task of process serving, intelligence gathering and investigation services.

Our nationwide team of are fully trained, vetted and licenced where required to undertake your instructions.

Cases can be undertaken on fixed fees or hourly rates depending on circumstances and speed of response.

Services to the legal profession

Debt collection and residential landlords

For Business to business debts, Business to consumer debts and Landlords former tenants arrears we provide a bespoke .

This service is designed to recover your debts as quickly as possible without the need to go to court.

We can do letter sequences, letters before action even statutory demands and door step visits.

On the rare occasions these methods do not work to recover your debts and where necessary we can via our panel of highly experienced solicitors go legal with any debt taking it through to judgment then going on to use our Enforcement division to enforce and recover your money.

Debt collection